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Recipes and serving suggestions

We are in the process of setting up our recipes and serving suggestions blog and will be adding items regularly.  Here is a sample of what is to come...


Asian style chicken noodle soup with range TASMANIA sesame chilli condiment - mild or hot - quick and utterly delicious.

Like most of our recipes, we like to keep them healthy using only a few a few ingredients.  Here we are using some of our favourite ingredients that are staples in our fridge and pantry, but of course it can be made with so many other things that you may have on hand instead. 
The soup is all about being simple, fast and tasty and once you add the Range Tasmania Sesame Chilli Condiment (Mild or Hot), it does not matter what ingredients you are using, it will transform the soup into a gourmet pleasure.

Serves 2


2 tablespoons of range TASMANIA sesame chilli condiment (Mild or Hot)
800 ml chicken stock or bone broth (homemade if at all possible)
2 serves of your preferred noodles (ramen, soba, somen or even spaghetti will be fine if that is all you have at hand)
200 grams of chicken thigh fillet cut into bite size pieces
2 x hard boiled or poached eggs (we like them just cooked so the egg yolk is a little oozy in the soup)
2 handfuls of fresh baby spinach leaves
1-2 spring onions (scallions) sliced finely


In a saucepan, bring enough water to a boil and cook the noodles to your liking and when ready rinse in cold water and then drain.  Divide the noodles between two soup bowls (deep Asian style soup bowls or similar work best with this type of recipe) and set aside. Don’t worry about the noodles getting cold, they will be reheated when the stock is poured over them.

While the noodles are cooking add the stock to another saucepan and bring to the boil.  Once boiling, add the chicken pieces and cook thoroughly.  Remove the chicken from the stock and divide between the 2 bowls of noodles placing it to cover one third of each bowl.   At this point turn the stock down to a simmer. 

Next to the chicken place a handful of the baby spinach leaves in another third of each bowl, this will wilt once the warm stock is poured over it. 

Cut the boiled eggs in half or if using poached eggs leave them whole and place between the chicken and the spinach, sprinkle the sliced spring onions over everything and you’re ready for the stock. 

At this point you can set it aside to enjoy later or if you are ready to eat, take the simmering stock and divide it between the two bowls, pouring it slowly over the toppings to warm them through and until everything is covered. 

Lastly, place a tablespoon, or more if you like, of Range Tasmania Sesame Chilli Condiment in the middle of each bowl and serve.