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sesame chilli condiment - mild, one of our most popular products and now in a new HOT version

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Not sure where February went and now it is the middle of March already, enough said on that.

This month we are featuring one of our very first and certainly most popular products – range TASMANIA sesame chilli condiment.
Originally produced under our Leafy Dragon brand, it has now been added to our range TASMANIA collection.  Customers who have long enjoyed this unique product can rest assured that there has been no variation to the recipe!  (While the change is purely cosmetic, keep reading for news on a new HOT version that Jaymie has developed.)


Many of our customers have asked us how we came to produce Sesame Chilli Condiment.

Well, as anybody that knows us will tell you, we really do love our food; we love growing it, cooking it and especially eating and sharing it.  While we enjoy many different cuisines from all corners of the world, one of our favourites would have to be South East Asian.  Over several trips of travelling and eating our way through China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea we fell in love with one particular condiment that kept popping up everywhere, with each country having its own variation.  So versatile was this product, it was being served with everything from dumplings, noodle soups, stir fried vegetables, seafood and meat of every kind and any other number of dishes you could possibly imagine.  After one trip we decided that we wanted to make our own version of this wonderfully addictive condiment.  After many trials and tastings, we eventually came up what we called Sesame Chilli Condiment - mild.  Around about this time we were also starting our food business and we decided that this would be the first product that we made commercially.  It was a decision that many of our customers are glad we made, given its popularity.

Recipes and serving suggestions 

Here are some serving suggestions that we have come up with for you and a few ideas that friends and customers have shared with us.

Grilled Tasmanian salmon topped with range TASMANIA sesame chilli condiment (mild or hot)

Here simplicity rules.  Grill some fresh Tasmanian Salmon (or any fish you prefer) and simply spoon some range TASMANIA sesame chilli condiment (mild or hot) over it once you plate it up.  Serve along side your favourite salad and you have a healthy and quick mid-week meal ready in just a few minutes.

A simple Asian style soup with range TASMANIA sesame chilli condiment (mild or hot)

Like most of our recipes, we like to keep them healthy using only a few a few ingredients.  Here we are using some of our favourite ingredients that are staples in our fridge and pantry but of course it can be made with so many other things that you may have on hand instead. 

The soup is all about being simple, fast and tasty and once you add the range TASMANIA sesame chilli condiment (Mild or Hot), it does not matter what ingredients you are using, it will transform the soup into a gourmet pleasure, enjoy.

Serves 2


800 ml chicken stock or bone broth (homemade if at all possible)
2 tablespoons of range TASMANIA sesame chilli condiment (mild or hot)
2 serves of your preferred noodles (ramen, soba, somen or even spaghetti if that is all you have)
200 grams of chicken thigh fillet cut into bite size pieces
2 x hard boiled or poached eggs (we like them just cooked so the egg yolk is a little oozy in the soup)
2 handfuls of fresh baby spinach leaves
1-2 spring onions (scallions) sliced finely


In a saucepan, bring enough water to a boil and cook the noodles to your liking and when ready rinse in cold water and then drain.  Divide the noodles between two soup bowls (deep Asian style soup bowls or similar work best with this type of recipe) and set aside. Don’t worry about the noodles being cold, they will be reheated when the stock is poured over them in a later step.

While the noodles are cooking add the stock to another saucepan and bring to the boil.  Once boiling, add the chicken pieces and cook thoroughly.  Remove the chicken from the stock and divide between the 2 bowls of noodles placing it to cover one third of each bowl.   At this point turn the stock down to a simmer.

Next to the chicken place a handful of the baby spinach leaves in another third of each bowl, this will gently wilt once the warm stock is poured over it.

Cut the boiled eggs in half or if using poached eggs leave them whole and place between the chicken and the spinach.  Sprinkle the sliced spring onions over everything and your ready for the stock.

At this point you can set it aside to enjoy later or if you are ready to eat, take the simmering stock and divide it between the two bowls, pouring it slow over the toppings to warm them through and until everything is swimming.

Lastly, place a tablespoon (or more if you desire) into the middle of each bowl and serve.


Pictures and serving suggestions from some of our customers and friends who are using range TASMANIA sesame chilli condiment.

This one from our very good friend, major foodie and talented cook Tammy in WA.  Quite a spread and looks sensational.

Used here with free range pork fillet, lovingly grown by our mutual friends Kerry and Nick from thetassiefarm (instagram), served on rice served along with an amazing salad as well as lime pieces and  homemade quick pickles on the side.  We cannot wait to try this here on farm, thank Tammy.

And lastly, all the way from Scotland

All the way from Scotland where they now live, Alex and Madeleine sent us sent us a few pics of how they are using sesame chilli condiment over there. We are sure you will agree that the dishes do look very tasty.  Upon receiving a special international shipment, Madeleine wrote, “A couple of days in and we're already nearly one jar of sesame chilli condiment down. First night was with rice, hot smoked salmon and spinach.  Second night it was mixed with soy and Chinese vinegar as a sauce to go with homemade vegetable dumplings.”  (Thanks, Madeleine – love the way you used the condiment to make an Asian dipping sauce).

Note:  We will be adding more recipes and serving suggestions over time on our Recipes Blog on our website in coming months, so you have an easy way of finding them again.

That brings us to the end of the March newsletter and we we do hope you have enjoyed it.  April promises to be another packed one with more exciting news and perhaps even a special offer, stay tuned....

Until then, all the best from the team at range TASMANIA.
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