Our Story


range TASMANIA products are the evolution of 22 years of living, farming and cooking at Cackleberry Farm overlooking Bruny Island and the beautiful D'Entrecasteaux Channel in Southern Tasmania.



Privately owned and operated, our farming philosophy is based on the harmonious co-existence between native and domesticated flora and fauna and the humane treatment of animals.  Organic principles govern the way we grow our produce and artificial or synthetic fertilizers are never used.  Our focus is on using high quality, natural ingredients and the avoidance of unnecessary additives.


Cackleberry Farm originally produced certified organic hen’s eggs (or Cackleberries, as we preferred to call them), organic fertiliser, lamb and beef.  Over the years we have shifted away from animal-based farming as our fruit and vegetable production has increased.  Driven by our passion for growing, cooking and sharing high-quality food, we now focus on creating a range of Tasmanian made products that utilise our own fruit, vegetables, and herbs.  Farm fresh Tasmanian produce is also obtained from other like-minded farmers in the local area or specially sourced from further afield to meet our exacting standards.

range TASMANIA products are 100% made in Tasmania, by hand, and in small batches. 

Some of our products are determined by the freshness and seasonal availability of key ingredients, and as such, certain items may not always be available throughout the year. 

We are regularly trialing and creating new products, many of which will be available exclusively to our online customers.

An email newsletter about new range TASMANIA products, recipe ideas and details of promotions or specials is now available, so if you are interested in us and staying in touch,  please sign up using the pop up form on the site or at the bottom of the home page.  We guarantee that your information will be kept private and not shared with anybody and if you at any time wish to unsubscribe to these emails, there will a visible and easily found unsubscribe button on them.  You can also check out our monthly blog on the range TASMANIA website to keep up with our new product offerings and other news.

Thanks for reading our story and we look forward to sharing our products and journey with you.

Best wishes from the range TASMANIA team at Cackleberry Farm. 

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