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Autumn at Cackleberry Farm: introducing a tasty new product - range TASMANIA passionfruit cordial and some very tasty Cocktail recipes

May 05, 2019 1 Comment

Autumn in Tasmania at Range Tasmania

Autumn has arrived and to us it means the best weather of the year, plus loads of ripe produce.  We absolutely love Autumn here in Southern Tasmania with its gorgeous, still, warm, sunny days and cool, fire-warmed nights.  It also means that things in the veggie garden and orchard are now ripe and ready for processing and popping into jars.  It’s a busy time as the elderberry trees are pruned, winter veggies planted and the wood pile stacked as high as possible.

Wood piles are taken very seriously down here.  They must be stacked correctly to help them resist the rainy weather during Winter and to also maintain stability, especially during any gales.  It is quite an art form and one that Chris still hasn’t mastered but dutifully and un-begrudgingly continues to practice each and every year.


The deciduous trees have become astoundingly beautiful as they’ve transformed into beacons of brilliant colour.  Driving along the lower Channel Highway is like driving through one long, cool climate garden.  The amount of colourful trees and lush gardens beside the road make it perfect for a ‘Sunday drive’ and it is an excellent route for tourists making the drive south from Hobart and around into the Huon Valley.  We feel immensely fortunate to live in this area that is not only beautiful, but also has such a strong sense of community.

Cackleberry Farm – home to range TASMANIA


The view from Cackleberry Farm looking across the Channel to Bruny Island. 

range TASMANIA products are made in our commercial kitchen on our farm, Cackleberry Farm, near the village of Middleton; which is approximately 50km south of Hobart, in Southern Tasmania, Australia.  Middleton is positioned beside the scenic D'Entrecasteaux Channel, which is the narrow strip of water that runs south from just below Hobart, down past the Huon River mouth to Southport near the Southernmost tip of Tasmania.  ‘The Channel’ as it is known locally, separates beautiful Bruny Island from ‘mainland’ Tasmania. 

Our farming philosophy is based on sustainable agriculture, biodiversity, non-use of chemicals and the humane treatment of animals.

Our products are available from our online store or from many fine stockists that are listed here.

Our latest product – passionfruit cordial

range tasmania passionfruit cordial 

Speaking of loads of ripe produce, our passionfruit vines have been particularly productive this year and are laden with fruit that is now ripening. This has enabled us to bring you one of our favourite drinks of Summer…well, of anytime really; our range TASMANIA passionfruit cordial.  Tangy and tasting of Summer sunshine, range TASMANIA passionfruit cordial is terrific for quenching a thirst but equally, it is a perfect addition to your favourite alcoholic beverage, such as Gin & Tonic or Vodka.   range TASMANIA passionfruit cordial is definitely a ‘grown-ups’ best friend in the home bar.


Cocktails anyone? 
Featured recipes using range TASMANIA passionfruit cordial

Stuart (our resident ‘mixologist’) has developed a number of cocktails using range TASMANIA passionfruit cordial and the resident ‘tasters’ think they’re pretty delectable!  Some you’ll recognise as variations on old favourites and others will become new acquaintances.  Enjoy them and their hint of passionfruit that extends the mood of summer as the days shorten and winter is coming.

Back row, left to right; Passion Fiz, Passionate Martini, Passionfruit Pick-Me-Up.
Front row, left to right, Passionfruit Daiquiri, Negroni Passion, Passion-Pina Colada.

Saint Christopher’s Passion

This creation was developed for Chris’ sweet palate and combines his love of Malibu and of passionfruit. It turned out to be a perfect little aperitif. 

30 ml Gin
15 ml sweet Vermouth
15 ml Malibu (coconut rum)
15 ml range TASMANIA passionfruit cordial

Shake over ice until well-chilled and strain into an old-fashioned (small) cocktail glass.

Passionate Martini

A simple twist on a traditional Martini but with the added zing of orange and passionfruit. 

45 ml Gin
15ml Vermouth (sweet of dry)
15 ml Contreau (or Triple Sec)
15 ml range TASMANIA passionfruit cordial

Shake over ice and strain into a chilled Martini glass.  Garnish with a slice of passionfruit or citrus.

Passionfruit Pick-Me-Up

This is one of Jaymie’s favourites; although sometimes a double serving is called for!

45 ml Vodka
30 ml fresh lemon juice
15 ml sugar syrup* (see below for recipe)
15 ml range TASMANIA passionfruit cordial

Shake over ice and strain into a Martini glass.  Garnish with a slice of lemon.

Passion-Pina Colada

OK, it’s very 80’s but with the addition of range TASMANIA passionfruit cordial, you have an excuse to try it again.  It’s seriously refreshing and very moreish!

45 ml Malibu (coconut rum)
30 ml pineapple juice
45 ml coconut milk
30 ml range TASMANIA passionfruit cordial

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and mix well.  Ensure everything is thoroughly chilled and pour into a long glass.  Garnish with some fresh passionfruit pulp or pineapple.

Passion Fiz

Simple and delicious.

15 ml range TASMANIA passionfruit cordial
15 ml Cointreau (or Triple Sec)

Add passionfruit cordial and Cointreau into a champagne flute and top with Prosecco or your favourite bubbly.

Negroni Passion

This is defiantly one of Stuart’s favourites.  The addition of range TASMANIA passionfruit cordial compliments the bitter orange flavour of the Campari and adds an additional, subtle dimension.

30 ml Sweet Vermouth
30 ml Campari (or Aperol if you prefer it slightly sweeter)
30 ml Gin
15 ml range TASMANIA passionfruit cordial

Fill a large glass with ice and add ingredients. Stir well and garnish with a slice of orange.

Passionfruit Daiquiri

Certainly the taste of summer, this classic cocktail benefits from the addition of passionfruit cordial to give it an even more tropical flavour.

60 ml Bacardi (white rum)
15 ml fresh lime juice
15 ml sugar syrup* (see below for recipe)
15 ml range TASMANIA passionfruit cordial

Fill a large glass with ice and add ingredients. Stir well and garnish with lime.

*Sugar syrup recipe

1 cup white sugar
1 cup water

Combine in a small saucepan over medium heat. Stir until sugar is dissolved.  Cool and store in a sterilised jar or bottle.


We hope you enjoy trying some of these recipes and we would love to hear other ways you are using range TASMANIA passionfruit cordial.

Stay tuned over the coming months as we create and introduce new products to range TASMANIA. 

1 Response

Jaymie Brown
Jaymie Brown

May 20, 2019

These cocktails were amazing if I dont say so myself…

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