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Range Tasmania

Old Kempton - The Old Stables Whisky - 50ml

Old Kempton - The Old Stables Whisky - 50ml

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Fruit & nut nose with gentle malt notes. Sweet and delicate upfront before quickly building to a creamy toffee malt. Finishing with a warm and satisfying glow.

Classic Pinot – 50ml 
Nose: this dram presents delicate lifted floral notes with a sweet cherry element that is the signature of Pinot Noir ageing.
Palate: a clean and sweet explosion of flavours greets the palate then settles to a warm and delicately delicious mixture of the stone fruit and floral elements.
The finish is long and clean with lingering chocolate and toffee sweetness underlying the crisp pinot cask oak tannins which give this dram its elegant appeal.

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